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 « on serait juste toi & moi, près d'ici ou là-bas. » ♣ jem&cam

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MessageSujet: « on serait juste toi & moi, près d'ici ou là-bas. » ♣ jem&cam   Mar 21 Juin - 1:01

Dear Jeremy,

You know that I don’t like talking in English but today, I’m going to do it. Why ? Because it’s you birthday and I like when you're smiling. I don’t know where to begin. There are so many things I’d like to say to you but I don’t know how. Well… I’m going to try to say the most important (even if, in my opinion, everything I do with you is important). I just hope you’ll be touched while you'll read this text. I first wish you a happy Bday & a good day. I love you

I'll never forget the eleventh of august (actually, I should wait until this day to give you that but I’m not brave enough… and we might be together). You were Robert Pattinson & I was Sophia Bush. Things were easier, don't you think ? Some private messages, some jokes and music. Especially music. What happened next ? We talked. One, twice, three times... and now we're still here, unbreakable. I'd never have guessed that by coming on Good Vibrations (Mariko, if you come over here, thank you because without you I'd never have met this fucking bitch called Jeremy), I'd meet someone like you... or actually like me. Because it's exactly that : you're often more me than myself (yeah, I'm using your words.. We share everything, don't we ?) So, of course I'll never forget the 11th day of august. You'll always be my RPattz and I'll always be your Sbush. Caleb & Roxann, the beginning. Thanks to music.

Even tho music got us together and a really big part of our relationship, there's also complicity between us.When we’re together, others are afraid. The number of giggles are too important to be counted, as well as the number of time when I suffocated because you made me laugh so hard by saying meaningless things (that often made only us laugh). In bulk ? (thanks a lot muhahahahaha & yes, i put them in French): Le rire d’archimède, Claude François, tête de baleine, couleurs du texte sur msn, la mytho (c******), petit kiki, confessions intimes, tête de hibou, max boublil le clash, les danses en tout genre, cotton eyed joe, batailles de lasers, alcool, expériences sexuelles, o. et son cheval blanc, puissance 4, Alastair, E.T, cracottes, critique des boulets, tes cent kilos, apprendre à conduire, belle toute nue, photos dossiers, alice au pays des merveille & ses gifs de droguée, tenue rose de tepu que je dois porter cet été, je vais te taper avec, Gene Kelly, cube sumo, et cetera desunt, et cetera desunt, et cetera desunt. I can't put everything. What a shame !

I also couldn't talk about us without talking about Lonie & Nate. So... Let's remember what we wrote :


In life, there are some things which can't be avoided like the sun setting only to rise less bright, like the rain that only saddens the faces of princesses, like time that passes and never comes back and... meeting you. Especially meeting you. Chance brought us together and since, we walk hand in hand. Whatever I do, whatever you do, we're never far from other. I remember when you said "side by side till the end", "I won't leave you, C.", "On est arrivé à deux, on finira que tous les deux. No "They lived happily ever after" but it will be nice anyway". You're right, honey. It's widely enough. 'We're both having a turbulent year and we're both passing through it.. Together. Again. I don't know what I'd have done without you & I don't know what I'd do without you. That's just the way it is. We're connected. Did you know that the best birthday I've ever had is my 17th birthday ? I'm pretty sure you know the reason why. Anyway. Thank you for catching me when I'm falling & letting me catch you when you're falling. Thank you for letting me come into your life and for giving me a so special place in it. Thank you for making me the one who knows you the best (if it's the truth ?!). I want you to know that I feel the same about you and there's no one who has ever known me like you know me. Thank you. Again. Thank you. A thousand times. For yersterday and tomorrow.

I'm one of those who hide easily their feelings and you got it. I hate doing never-ending speeches, I hate talking about nothing. But tonight, it's different. Because you deserve to read it at least once even if you already know it. Better than anyone else. Probably better than myself. You are my everyday, mon loup. My everyday.

With all my love,


PS : Mon jem, ma catin, mon trésor, mon beau, mon pas beau, mon loup... I wanted to play & sing the song "Toi & moi" on the piano, but I didn't find the piano sheets. Sorry. (

PS2: There must be many, many mistakes. --" Tou bade. Arrow

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Aaron Lawford
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MessageSujet: Re: « on serait juste toi & moi, près d'ici ou là-bas. » ♣ jem&cam   Mar 21 Juin - 1:07



“I am nothing. I’m like someone who’s been thrown into the ocean at night, floating all alone. I reach out, but no one is there. I call out, but no one answers. I have no connection to anything.” Haruki Murakami.

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MessageSujet: Re: « on serait juste toi & moi, près d'ici ou là-bas. » ♣ jem&cam   Mar 21 Juin - 1:25

    Aren't you ashamed ? Because of you, a big boy of 21 years old is crying like a baby. Well, you know what I think. You're more myself than I am, too. Like I said before, Aristophane was right, and I found my half. No happily ever after, but just the two of us. That's the beauty of us, mon bijou. o____________O
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MessageSujet: Re: « on serait juste toi & moi, près d'ici ou là-bas. » ♣ jem&cam   

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« on serait juste toi & moi, près d'ici ou là-bas. » ♣ jem&cam

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